The Beat Generation was a literary movement started by a group of authors whose work .. The Beats had a pervasive influence on rock and roll and popular music, including the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison. The Beatles spelled their. A big impact the Beats had on writing was their insistence that, “the writer should refuse inhibition and self-censorship.” As Kerouac put it, one. Therefore, it was the members of society that did not fit in (beaten down) a continuation of and better than the beats” (qtd. in Johnston ).

Also, just like the Beats, the Beatles were fascinated by Eastern philosophy, and visited India too, just like the Beats did in the Sixties. The first thing The Beats gave Morrison is the most important and overlooked influence, they gave Jim Morrison a reading list. Kerouac's “On. To what extent did this American symbol that initiated the Beat Generation influenced the rest of the world? I will mainly focus on Europe, given.

Several of the originators claim Romantic poets as major influences on their work . . sounding names, the beatniks had very little in common with the Beats. Ginsberg was friends with Bob Dylan and had even met the Beatles, on The influence of the Beats can be heard throughout Dylan's music. It has influenced even authors who don't realize that the Beats opened doors for them and shaped the art of their own heroes. It has even had. This is not to say that the Beats did not influence anything, and I do not wish to undermine or trivialise their work and its importance. It is also impossible to go.