Why are so many dentists skeptical about amalgam removal?. I have heard that silver fillings actually contain mercury. Since mercury is toxic, should I have those fillings removed?. Fillings made with amalgam also are known as silver fillings. . Removing good amalgam fillings results in unnecessary loss of healthy parts of the tooth and.

The aim of the present study was to investigate whether removal of all amalgam fillings was associated with long-term changes in health complaints in a group of . I decided that I did not want to have mercury in my body any longer so I had my amalgam fillings removed. Here is what brought me to my decision. But I personally believe the patient should be provided with an alternative air source while their amalgam fillings are being removed. Even if steps 1 - 3 were not.

up-to-date science, the IAOMT has developed extensive safety recommendations for the removal of existing dental mercury amalgam fillings. Second position is held by dental practices due to amalgam fillings, . to keep you (and your dentist) safe during amalgam removal include. Mercury, used in dental amalgam, has been linked to many health problems, but the chances are that your fillings are probably safe. Removing sound amalgam fillings results in unnecessary loss of healthy.