Can now stand for "throwback to" to indicate an old photo, thought, idea, etc. It's another way of saying TBH (to be honest) as TBH has been overused ALOT. Throwback Thursday. Used on Instagram when you post an old picture of yourself on Thursday. Old pic should be from a different era of your life, not last week. Twitter and Instagram are two social media sites that have taken the world by storm. FOH, RLRT And Other Twitter & Instagram Hashtags & Terms Mean opportunity for people to share photos and info that is a "throwback".

Throwback Thursday is a popular internet trend used among social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Users will often post nostalgic pictures of their past accompanied by the hashtag #TBT. At first, I had no idea what TBT meant on Facebook and Twitter. What a fun idea! Everyone is sharing their 'Back In The Day' photo's! And let me. Teens are using tbh to make connections on social media. "So everyone will like her pictures, and she'll just give them a simple tbh.".

The hashtag TBT meaning as used on social media sites & apps like Instagram, There are nearly million photos with the TBT hashtag on Instagram. TBT. Acronyms are a natural fit for social media networks. That may mean shortening it to fit within the character limit or . TBH: Stands for “to be honest.” TBT: If you're sharing an old photo, you'll most likely want to use the. TBT is an acronym which stands for 'Throwback Thursday.' in the past, for instance, if someone is posting a picture from the past they caption it with #TBT. to Throwback To, this is because many of the references are not on a Thursday. This meaning is sometimes used instead of To Be Honest (TBH).