But the high prevalence doesn't mean all brown eyes look the same. There is plenty of variation in the appearance from person to person, and there are even. Brown eyes– Brown is one of the most common of eye colors, and people who don this hue are said to be very independent, self-confident and. Top definition Brown eyes are dominate over all other eye colors, but they nonetheless make eyes He has amazing brown eyes that you can't help but envy.

You may want to act tough but your dark brown eyes betray how kind and sensitive you are. This earthy color also signifies a personality type that is confident. Having hazel or brown eye's has a lot to do with your certain This doesn't necessarily mean that people who don't have brown eye's aren't. These traits could have to do with your eye color meaning, 52 percent have blue or grey eyes and only 27 percent have brown or tan eyes. with the amount of melanin in the brain, it could mean dark-eyed people are more.

People with eyes that are so dark brown, they sometimes appear black have one of the rarest eye colors. As such, they are often perceived as mysterious or. The most common eye color worldwide is Black or dark brown eyes, which means that it covers a wide range of personality traits. However, there are some. The women were assigned to either the Dark Eyes group (i.e., dark brown or hazel-colored eyes) or the Light Eyes group (i.e., blue or green eyes). What did the. There are more colors of the rainbow than there are colors of eyes. Most people have eye colors in shades of green, blue, brown and hazel.