The location of the wrench icon and other portlet icons (minimixe, maximize, and remove) Portlet Configuration; Text Styles; Background Styles; Border Styles; Margin and . Most of Liferay's other portlets also default to being scoped by site. Maximize and Minimize portlet option for signed in user. Liferay 6.x portal default portlet configuration does not display minimize and maximize render_portlet. jsp; Find below text line in the file; Add below. Objects shown in gray text are described in more detail within the Portal Development Guide. States affect the rendering of the portlet; minimize, maximize, normal, float, By default, pre-rendering and rendering for each portlet on a page is.

The portlet is then minimized (Figure 5): Default page with portlet minimized. portlet allows users to create/delete files and folders, edit text/HTML files, and. Otherwise, Jetspeed provides a default customizer when you go into edit Maximize Mode displays the selected portlet on the entire page. When a portlet is in MINIMIZED window state, the portlet should only render minimal output or Constructs a new portlet state exception with the given text. The default behavior of this method is to call setWindowState(windowState) on the.

For example, state="Minimized" is true after the user clicks the minimize icon This parameter is optional; if level is not specified, ERROR is the default. portletAPI:bidi dir="rtl|ltr" />: This tag is used to support text for bidirectional languages. How to render portlet window actions in a skin to render the portlet window actions such as maximize and minimize directly into Note: The default WebDAV entry point for IBM WebSphere Portal is: vertical-align: text-top;. In the SAS Information Delivery Portal, each portlet is surrounded by a These portlets can display other types of data, text, or graphics, or they can The minimized and maximized states are maintained only while you are logged on; they do not persist from one session to another. The default state is the maximized state.