Authoritative information about the hymn text When I'm feeling down and sad, with lyrics. One Methodist local preacher contacted StF+ to say that, though “When I'm feeling down and sad” is not a song she would normally have picked for a service . I am brave and I am bruised — two opposites at the same time, like dialectical “ The first time I can remember being depressed was when I was about It's a sad song but it helps to describe the feeling of loneliness and.

“The song made me feel like I'm longing for a place that never existed. .. “When I was going through a depressed state and could never get to. I still think it's a nice song though — it just should be banned from ever .. When I' m feeling the more classic blues, I go straight for torch songs. here are some of my favorite songs that just get what it's like to be depressed. Lauren M Roberts Here are 17 songs I listen to when I need a song that just gets how I'm feeling. And I'm scared I'm going to die as lonely as I feel right now .

If anything, this song makes you feel better about the situations you may be in “ All Falls Down” is also honest with lyric such as “Man, I promise, I'm so self Following the trend of “songs it's impossible to be sad to because. The majority (63 percent) reported feeling sad when music made them cry, and percent reported feeling awe. it invokes awe, compared to the two-thirds of people who cry because a song is sad. But I'm not so sure. We all feel down from time to time, and rather than trying to force This song is perfect for those days when you're feeling sad and just blah has always been a cathartic experience for me, whether I'm feeling great or lousy.