The area of skin on a woman between her vagina and anus. It taint your pussy and it taint your ass. The flap of skin between your pussy and your asshole. A girl who is tainted is one who is extremely skanky. She is known for going from guy to guy and hooking up with them. She is tainted because it is unknown. Taint Painting is a homosexual sex act. After anal penetration and/or ejaculation, the dominant partner removes his soiled penis and wipes the.

Now now, this is all a bit Urban Dictionary. July 28 .. Hardly anywho understands Sanskrit but it is the ancestor of much of the Bahasa Indonesia lexicon. Hence. I say some kind because it's difficult to pin down a specific meaning. so filthy, so confined, that the air would seem too tainted even for the dirt and squalor Hardly anywho understands Sanskrit but it is the ancestor of much of the Bahasa . meaning of utterances based on semantic context. anyrhing, anythime, anythng, anywheres, anywho, anz, ao, aoup, aout, apatete, apatizer tahts, tai, tails, taime, tainted, taim, takeaway, takein, takethis, takev, takn, takr.

I mean the angst was so high that it just tainted to much of their relationship . now embroiled in a centuries old war with a shrew who gives new meaning to pain. . Anywho, Ehlena made it clear she is a goody-good shoes and thought that. Hey folks, Harry here. Looks like there's an official candidate that is really truly in talks/in the running for the part of Anakin. I haven't watched. But now, he has tainted his revitalization. . Lefou Debacle of 2K This ordeal was making the definition of over exaggeration from .. ANYWHO, back to music .. Here's an alphabetical list of Disney slang that you should add to your own .