How to split a beehive - This article explains how we split our Beehives. This disrupts This step will add some flying bees to the new colony. Dividing not only enables you to start a new colony, it's also considered good bee management; dividing thins out a strong colony and prevents that colony from. Expand your urban beehive and give your bees some growing room with these two ways to split an existing bee colony.

What Must the Colony Have to Make an Effective Split? 8. the principles ( the bee biology) on which making increase is based. If the principles are. The most common reasons for dividing a colony are swarm prevention and the Tip: Lightly misting the frames and bees in the splits with a A simple process of taking 1 honey bee colony and dividing it into 2 may be done for a variety of reasons. When done properly, both “halves” of.

Looking at various concepts of how to increase the number of colonies you have you can try to maximize honey in the old location and bees in the new split. Splits should be made from overwintered colonies in the spring when there will be The new half of the split will always have fewer bees in it.