Find out more at and-molding/ Tips for making and hanging DIY craftsman or. Jul 1, Replacing the door trim with thick Craftsman trim. I put it together using wood glue and the nail gun .. Installing Trim Makes All The Difference!. Trim the doors and windows first. On windows, install the stool first. We added a stool to a casement (crank-out) window by simply gluing and nailing it to the.

How to Install Craftsman Style Interior Window Trim into our new home, I knew that I wanted to upgrade our interior window and door trim. Upgrade from builder basic in a weekend by installing a DIY craftsman door casing with easy DIY corbels in an open doorway. Installing the trim took all of about 15 minutes I think? So crazy fast!: DIY craftsman door trim. I still need to paint but I was so excited about it all I.

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