Together, these four yuga constitute one Mahayuga and According to one version, there are 1, Mahayugas in. THE FOUR YUGAS (AGES) YUGA in Hindu philosophy is name of ‘ERA’ within a cycle of four are satya yug, treta yug, Dvaapar yug and kali yug. Do the four yugas correspond only to Earth, the universe, or some congregation of planets having intelligent life?. Hinduism's 4 Yugas, or Ages. According to Hindu scriptures and mythology, the current universe is destined to pass through four great epochs, each of which is a complete cycle of cosmic creation and destruction. The four great epochs in Hinduism are Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar.

Sadhguru explains the science of the four yugas, and calculates the timeline of Kali Yuga and the coming shift in human consciousness in 70 years. This essay is about a new theory of evolution of life through the four Yugas and how consciousness descended into the human body through successive stages. In the Dwapara Yuga the aspect of the World Soul was Yellow: religion lessened one-half. The Veda was divided into four parts, and although.

FOUR YUGAS, a perspective. - The cycles are said to repeat like the seasons, waxing and waning within a greater time-cycle of the creation. The smallest cycle is called a maha yuga. A maha yuga is 4,, human years. Each maha yuga is subdivided into the following four ages, whose lengths . EACH of the four Yugas, as described by the ancient Hindu sages, has a correspondence with one of the four powers of Maya, the darkness of Illusion that hides.