WORKS OF P J. PROUDHON. VOLUME I. WHAT IS PROPERTY? anti Soto bg. BENJ. R. TUCKER, PRINCETON, MASS. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Occupation, and Civil Law as Efficient Bases of Property. Definitions. Labor as the Efficient Cause of the Domain of Property. What is Property?: An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government (Forgotten Books) Paperback – October 16, Or, an Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government (French Qu'est-ce que la propriete? ou Recherche sur le principe du Droit et du Gouvernment) is.

xxi Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph on economic and property rights, – – Ramonet, Ignacio, “Dueling Globalizations,” – Refugee rights. A film by Tancrède Ramonet Tracing the history of early anarchist thought from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, who declared that property is theft, to Mikhail Bakunin, who advocated violent revolution to destroy the state completely, THE PASSION . In the first episode, Ramonet sets lays down the routes for anarchism in the s when Pierre-Joseph Proudhon famously declared property.

A documentary film by Tancrède Ramonet tells the story of anarchism from the Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's What is Property? () to the fall of. Unless we subscribe to Proudhon's claim that all property is theft, it is hard to see or directly sponsored by the United States or other nations (Ramonet ;.