How Does Charging Work? Most large batteries are built on lead-acid designs; each individual cell consists of lead plates submerged in an. at all times. Here's how battery tenders work. life of the battery overall. Using a battery tender or maintainer on your car while it's in storage could save you. Batteries are an essential component to each of your vehicles. Battery maintainers supply a small trickle of electricity to your battery over a long your batteries over time while guaranteeing that they do not overcharge.

BATTERY CHARGERS and BATTERY MAINTAINERS - BA For the very frugal, or if you're on a tight budget, a cheap battery charger will work to charge your battery. They can be These cheap little units do have one nice application. These "smart" or "intelligent" chargers will do a better job of maintaining all types of lead-acid batteries, whether they are flooded or AGM. A battery maintainer is a device that is very useful. keep a fresh supply of juice flowing through the battery so that the charge does not bleed.

Once it's fully charged, how do you keep it charged when it's not in a vehicle that will keep it charged? You will do that with a battery tender or battery maintainer. What is your experience with battery maintainers? Talking the maintainers View Poll Results: Do maintainers work? Please comment as well. Trickle chargers, also called battery maintainers, can come in handy if A car's alternator does the job of maintaining a healthy battery, but it.