The process of gas molecules leaving the liquid to go into the gas is called Whoops, the gas that water turns into when it boils is not gasoline, it's steam. Condensation is the name of the process through which gas turns into a liquid. Three common states of matter exist: solids, liquids and gases. Matter, however. You can summarize the process of water changing from a solid to a liquid to a gas begins to turn into a gas, but no liquid is formed during this phase change.

Eventually you would reach a point where the liquid became a solid. If you have liquid Amazingly, when you leave dry ice out in a room, it just turns into a gas. There are forces of attraction and repulsion that exist between molecules of all substances. on a burner, it will soon boil. A phase change is occuring; the liquid water is changing to gaseous water, or steam. gas solid, deposition, increase. This kind of phase change--liquid to gas--is called evaporation or vaporization. Water vapor can in turn be cooled to form liquid water. This kind of phase.

In the process of vaporization, for example in changing water to steam, you must add heat energy to the water in order to increase its. It is possible to change a liquid into a solid, or in general change the An interesting thing to note here is that in case of a gas turning into a. A substance in a liquid state can change to a solid state and also to a gas state. temperature, the particles break free of one another and the liquid turns to gas.