Contextual translation of "wo hen mang" into English. Human translations with examples: penis, i love, very busy, wo hen lai, wo lei hen, i miss you, i hate you. Contextual translation of "wo bu hen mang" into English. Human translations with examples: i cannot, very busy, wo hen mang, i very busy, i don't know, wo bu. My first Mandarin excuse! 我匙很忙 wǒ shì hěn máng means "I am very busy". I've learned this in the second lesson of Chinesepod, and this is.

Mandarin is one of the Family of Chinese languages, but it is not the 'only' An evening greeting which means Evening peace Wo hen mang. Chinese-English dictionary: 忙 (mang / máng) (English translation: "busy") as Chinese script, pronunciation in Mandarin, example sentence and English meaning. The traditional Chinese characters of máng are identical with the modern. two (normally an ordinal number,meaning the " second ") (er). 是 .. wo baba hen mang, wo mama bu mang. Ni ba My dad is very busy, my mom is not busy.

But it should be written in wo xianzai mang. Answered What does the Chinese phrase wo juede ni hen ben dan mean in English? æˆ'è§‰å¾—ä½ å¾ˆç¬¨dan. I am very well wǒ-hěn-hǎo 我很好 [SWF]/wp-content/uploads//12/wo-ME. swf, I can do it tamen kan qilai hen look alike bu yao it doesn't matter ni renwei zen meyang? . what do you think? wo hen mang. Ni/ hao\/. Good morning. Zao\/shang\ hao\/. -or- Zao\/an—. Good afternoon. Xia\ wu\/ hao\/. Xu—yao\ wo\/ bang—mang/ ma? What's the I like _____ very much. Wo\/ hen\/ xi\/huan— _____. Won't do! Bu\ xing/! Ridiculous! This website may not be reproduced in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or.