The up- and back-pointed ears can be blended for an in-between angle. If you don't have a problem with the ears reverting to normal as you zoom out, you . Sims 3. Comments / replies (Who?) 69, Downloads. Default EA Sims only have pointy ears in DV, where they also have colorful skin and hair. . Nope - in Sims 3 they are a feature with Seasons. I've seen so many sims that have pointed ears, but I just can't figure out . 3. Press Faces 4. Another sub-set of options comes up, press Face 5.

Featured Artists · Select Artists · Submitting Artists · Hall of Fame · Artist Drafts · Artist Benefits · TSR Artists Alliance. Create. Get TSR Workshop · TSR Workshop . Premade Sims with pointed ears. In The Sims 2, these ears may be obtained through the 26th face template (a.k.a 'the elf ears template'). Mods: Pointy Ears Unlocked by Khitsule from Mod The Sims. Alien EarsSims Origin-spottybowtie You can add me as a friend or see the houses and sims I make. Love you .. Ivo-Sims: Kyra free hairstyle • Sims 4 Downloads Sims 3, Sims 4.

After newest patch my sims have pointy ears. My normal sims never had pointy elf ears before. First picture is after patch 2nd before patch.