Raise your hand if you love binding quilts! The sheer thrill of finishing a project and seeing it bound is enough to make many quilters start. *Calculating Binding Fabric: If you are sewing from a pattern, it may specify Using your quilting ruler, trim the end of your binding strips at a To bind around a corner, apply the quilt binding as in the previous two steps, cutting the tape off at the corner. With a new piece of binding, apply as in the first .

This tutorial will show you how to use traditional bias binding and attach it to your Pin the bias tape to the back of your quilt with the raw edges of the bias tape. Bias tape, also referred to as bias binding, has many practical applications. It is often used in garment sewing, finishing the arm holes of a dress, encasing the. Binding is the last step in making a quilt. Whether you use premade bias tape or make your own, here is how to sew it on!.

In your first pass of stitching (Step 1 of applying bias binding, above), pin and stitch the unfolded bias strip so that it extends 1/4″ beyond the.