The Eton wall game is a game which bears some resemblance to rugby union that originated at and is still played at Eton College. It is played on a strip of. It is not known exactly when the Eton Wall Game was first played, but the first The rules have been revised from time to time since , but the game has. Eton Wall Game is a fun shooting sport in which beer cans are used as targets.

The wall game is played on only one ground in the world, at Eton College, a few miles west of London; and even there, only by a select few of. This is as exclusive as sports get. The Eton Wall Game has just one important match a year, there's just one pitch in the world, and you have to. Eton's Wall Game has been described as "brutal, pointless and extremely dangerous". With rules as complicated as Harry Potter's Quidditch.

Dating back to the 18th century, the Eton Wall Game is a mix of football and rugby where a goal is scored once in every one hundred years.