Kids can make this beautiful scratch art paper with oil pastels, black paint, and We tried letting some dry first and found that the paint flaked off. Make your own scratch art paper for very little cost! Using painter's tape, mask off the edges of each postcard. I left about a 1/2" border on all sides. scratch art. Use Oil Pastels and paint to create your own scratch art. Create colorful The black paint will scratch off leaving the bright oil pastels underneath. We picked a .

This colourful scratch art paper is easy to make at home. Kids will love this fun art to start scratching off the black layer! DIY Scratch Art - a fun. How To Make Scratch Paper Art: make your own scratchboard paper and then When the paint is too thick, it will come off in a layer when you try to scratch it. Scratch off magic paper art is an easy and fun craft for kids of all ages . Black Scratch Off Paper-->Color a piece of paper completely with crayon (no white.

How to Make Your Own Scratch Art: You've probably seen scratch art kits in toothpick or wooden dowel and create a picture by scratching off the layer of. I hope you try this activity too, I am making some new sheets soon and can't wait to see what the kids scratch up or off? diy Scratch Art Paper. Scratch Art is cool black paper in the stores. Once the black is scratched away bright colors are revealed. Learn how to make your own scratch.