Make these simple alterations to your setup and swing to bring down your trajectory — and drive the ball a lot farther. Rickie Fowler offers tips for how to drive the golf ball, saying you don't I tee the ball lower and farther back, maybe three inches inside my left. It's the Holy Grail of driving the golf ball: high launch, low spin. The combo produces tee shots that fly high and stay airborne longer. Sometimes, though, your.

10 Ways To Hit The Ball Further - We identify 10 quick and simple ways to You won't catch World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller pushing his tee you're after then switching down to a lower compression golf ball or one. Second, the low shot has traveled much further at the same point in the swing, about 28" more and with 3 mph more ball speed. So how do two golf balls travel. wa son the golf channel other day that when a pro hits low into the wind they finish high with . Leaning back instead of driving through the ball.

If you play on a lot of hard golf courses, a low draw is a very useful shot to have in your It gives you an advantage when you must drive into the wind, since the low draw Tee the ball forward in your stance; for most players, imagining a line .