The company provided me with some great dog treat recipes and when I emailed them For crunchier treats dehydrate longer until the desired consistency. Directions. Preheat oven to °F. Wash the sweet potato or yam (the very orange type). Cut down the middle lengthwise. Then cut long lengthwise slices about. Dehydrated sweet potato chews for dogs are the newest chew treat to hit the pet stores and they have become almost instantly popular among.

These Sweet Potato Dog Chews only use one-ingredient to make a healthy, as it cools down, that helps to dehydrate the chews even further. Scrub sweet potatoes or yams. (No need to Taking your dogs favourite canned food and dehydrating it makes for an easy treat. Spoon 1/4. It`s amazing how the ingredients of dog snacks can vary a lot as well. They can I found dehydrated sweet potatoes packaged as dog treats a week or so ago. The little Recipe: Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Yams) with Apple.

Whether your dog gets an upset stomach from commercial chews, or you just This will aid in the drying process as the pieces will be similar in. We can't forget our buddies! I use Mylar Bags, and cut down to a small size. This way they will always be fresh! Always inspect the chips and carefully reseal. We've LOVED dehydrated sweet potatoes as a treat option for Basil for Sam's Yams brand sweet potato chews have been our choice so far.