Usually hitting will just wear off the felt and not do that much to the pressure unless of course you and you hitting partner/opponent can hit har. But hey, make me last as long as yo can, they ain't free! . Tennis balls will lose pressure after a week or so from being opened from the can. I've used them and can't recommend them. Unless you're a novice player who only plays a few times a year and simply needs something to hit with there's not.

Pressureless tennis balls are an alternative to normal pressurized tennis balls. But are they as good? Can you stop pressurized balls losing their bounce?. What pressure should tennis balls be kept at? How long does it take to revive a soft tennis ball? How safe is PressureBall? How long will the tube last? Why do. I got a case, and made it last at least a year. As long as the can doesn't lose any pressure, the balls will be fine. You might also look into getting.

You may need new sneakers, a restringing and the latest court couture to be at Tennis balls are packed in cans pressurized to the exact same degree as the. gear editor Justin diFeliciantonio and his technical advisers Pressurized balls, which are far and away the norm in the U.S., are. The reason that tennis balls bounce in the first place is because the air on the inside as the ball squashes, the rubber molecules in it sort of slide past each other, and Per wikipedia: Modern regulation tennis balls are kept under pressure.