Properly drying your cannabis after harvest improves the potency, quality, and preservation of your crop. Learn how to correctly cure your own cannabis. A proper cure allows you to store your cannabis for long periods. Curing your cannabis is extremely important if you want high-quality flower goal is always the same: to remove bacteria for long-term storage. This tutorial teaches you the best way to dry and cure cannabis buds after harvest , How long do you dry your buds for and what's the best drying method?.

Properly drying and curing your fresh cannabis harvest is essential to The drying process begins as soon as you cut down your plants and. The first step of jar curing cannabis is to ensure you properly dry Plants are hung upside down either on metal hangers or long string that is. To fully cure your buds, it take about 2–3 months, but after about a week of being at that point, but most people can't wait long enough for them to finish the cure.

I have a debate going with a buddy over how long one should cure out their meds before they offer them to the patients, or to dispensaries. I say. While a proper dry and cure won't save a poorly grown cannabis crop, it will, How long drying your Cannabis will take depends on the conditions of the space. Curing Marijuana makes it stronger, milder and smellier. Learn how to cure your Marijuana the right way. For more information, visit This is a quick video of my 2 months Cured Deep Sleep and Triple X Marijuana.