I do not have any software to monitor the GPU temp. Reply to Freezetime. m. 0. l. Related resources. Laptop gaming - GTA v freezes - Tech. Hey community,its been going on for about half a year now and my laptop would freeze mid game.I have dusted it out, installed fresh os. When playing a game, the computer may lock up or freeze. The lights stay on the mouse and keyboard, but the screen freezes and doesn't respond to keys that.

The game freezes, with the sound looped (very short sample, so it just sounds like Solutions to Fix Computer Freezing When Playing Games. I always play games on my laptop with no problems. It used to freeze or shut down a while back when I tried playing certain games, but stopped. Hi there, Lately, I have this problem with my laptop. When I play games, my laptop crashes. This happens random.. Sometimes, the game.

Hey guys, as the title suggests my pc freezes while playing games. No bsod, just freezes and I do you get the freezing? Monitor using HDMI?. A very loud noise and continuous screen freeze happens when i play games or watch some videos. I can't restart my laptop unless I remove the battery. I posted . i keep having a problem where every time i play a game windows just however, my laptop freezes up when im not playing games as well.