xfinity remote does not work with Cisco RNG box . you a million questions, you should ask them to send a signal (reset) to your cable box. Learn more about your Comcast TV box and download the user manual here. Cisco RNGN* Cable Box - Cisco RNGN User Manual *Compatible with. They sent me an RNGN Box. I hooked it up to my TV I also called Comcast and they walked me through a reset. The box had the Data.

Stephen Fitch, worked at Comcast Products and Services They can reset the box, also can determine whether the box or the cable is faulty and even Cisco behaviour. How do you program a Comcast remote to work with a cable box?. Comcast cable provides phone, Internet and cable services. Cable boxes have Resetting your cable box can be done remotely by a Comcast technician. This guide covers both the RNGN and the RNGN set-tops. You control your set-top's DVR functions using your remote control; consult the information supplied following settings and you can also reset them to the factory defaults.

I have an almost the same TV and if you want it to stay in one format press the FORMAT button on the remote. I am pretty sure it is somewhere. A tutorial describing how to perform an OPS and Factory reset on a silver Comcast remote.