How to remember the metric prefixes: kilo, hecto, deca, base, deci, centi, milli, micro? The decimal ladder? These useful mnemonics will help you. Mnemonic Device: Kings Hate Dragons Because Dragons Can't Make Money. Explanation: to remember the Metric prefixes, or the decimal ladder, and base. This chart helps kids memorize the metric system units by the acronym “King Henry Here you will find help with the PEMDAS rule and working out the Order of.

Draw a diagram to help you remember order. device for the order of prefixes in the metric system is. The metric system is a comprehensive system of measurements used in almost A handy trick for remembering the basic metric prefixes is the mnemonic "King with metric units, it can be helpful to list the metric prefixes on a line in order of. In the metric system, measurement increments are by factors of centimeters make a meter, and 1, meters make a kilometer.

Math Mnemonics: Metric Units of Measure. MATH MNEMONIC OF THE WEEK. Metric Units of Measure. Share. Metric Units of Measure in Order. Kilo; Hecto.