Unfortunately, we don't have any other babysitters that DD (dear her babysit DD (dear daughter) and if DD (dear daughter) got sick from mom. Cold and flu season is here. Here are helpful tips for taking care of a sick child without getting sick yourself. Experts lend tips on ways to stay healthy, even when the kids are not. Nannies get sick and will miss work from time to time. There, I said it. Sadly, all too often, parents seem to forget that nannies are still human.

10 things your babysitter won't tell you childcare . I don't mind taking care of kids if they have a cold or runny nose, but anything more than that. She called to say that she and one of her kids (the 1 yo) have colds - no my baby is sick and miserable and needs Mommy instead of a sitter. It's never convenient when a child is sick, but as a babysitter you can't avoid it forever. When my kids are sick I know it's time to slow down and.

Springing for private, in-home childcare usually means that the particulars of your schedule will be met with far more specialized attention than is available. When your children are too sick for childcare or school, you might wonder whether it's just a matter of time before you get the bug, too. If there is no other option and the parents need someone there (and sometimes thats the case) just tell them again that you have a cold and. Your child's ill. You can't stay home. Don't despair. We'll help you create a backup plan that gives you, your employer, and your little one peace of mind.